In 2013 while renovating her home, Fi Longmire was thrown into a world of interiors and style. What began as a necessity soon became a passion, and so the journey (and obsession!) began. 
Finding unique homewares became a challenge and so she sought out items from local creatives and artists to decorate her home. It is here that she was continually reminded of how difficult it is for these individuals to break into the interiors industry. Their products were amazing, original and different but they just couldn't get them into the greater market.  In 2014 Fi made it her mission to have some of these items used by contestants on The Block Renovation show and was successful. The coverage these brands received was phenomonel and drove her to do the same again in 2015.
While on this journey she also committed to following her own dream to work in the interior styling world. Through hard work and a 'never give up' attitude she was able to break into the industry and gain invaluable experience assisting Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors on magazine shoots, product shoots and whilst Julia was filming her televison show, The Home Team. No better mentor could be found and still to this day she is continuing to learn on every shoot. 
With many years experience in the interiors world we know how hard it can sometimes be to find the perfect items and style for your home. 
We are so lucky to have wonderful stores and stylists at our fingertips, however trying to find the right one can sometimes be overwhelming; this is why we have put them in one place for you. Our Interiors shopping guide gives you the best the Interiors world has to offer and takes the fuss out of styling your home. 
We look forward to sharing our journey with you and are always open to new challenges, adventures and collaborations.