Selling homes need the agent and sellers to work in unison. Houses cannot be sold on the spur of the moment, they need a scheduled campaign, guided by the agent.

Here is a basic checklist you can use to prepare your home for sale -

  • De-clutter - Any home with a lot of clutter, that is to say, a house that has not used its space in a proper manner stands less chances of getting sold for a good price. More and more people these days are looking at optimising the space within the house and they need to be able to see that at a glance.

  • Clean Closets - Make sure your closets and drawers are neatly arranged. It just gives an impression of order within the household. Cluttered closets symbolise chaos and give a wrong impression of your house to buyers

  • Light - Make sure you have your curtains open and blinds up to let in enough natural light. Use natural light where ever possible. Artificial lighting can be used to enhance the interiors of your house, but just relying on artificial lighting gives a gloomy impression

  • Clean yard - Make sure your yard is clean and tidy as well. As with beds and closets, this too plays a major role in forming a good impression.

  • Be Accessible - You may have a very erratic schedule, but you must make sure that you are available for your agent whenever they need to ask you things about your home. This is one way in which you can ensure your house gets sold quickly.

  • Pets - Take all pets and their bedding with you when you leave the house for inspections.

  • Smell - Make sure your house does not have any strong odours. Open windows and doors if the weather allows for it and light a candle with a subtle scent.

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