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THE BLOCK - And The Winners Are....

29 Oct 2017


Well if we were after a night full of drama we certainly got it! Who would have thought the auctions of The Block would be any different from other years. We have had no bidders, some bidders but passed in, bidders and sold at reserve and contestants making thousands, but never have we had a night like this. 


After reserves were disclosed the auction order was discussed, with Sticks and Wombat and Ronnie and Georgia all wanting third position. Sticks and Wombat won and took third place and the order was finally agreed upon.


Josh and Elyse's auction was fabulous, giving hope to all contestants that it would be a profitable night. Greville Pabst finally won the home, buying on behalf of the comedian Dave Hughes. Josh and Elyse made $447,000 profit with the property selling for $3.067million.



The second auction was fast and furious showing my gut feel that these two houses were the ones to beat. Jason and Sarah's house sold for a whopping $3.007 million making them a fabulous profit of $387,000.



Sticks' and Wombat's auction is where the evening's momentum changed. The bidding slowed right off and their home finally sold for $2.65 million. It's quite ironic that the feeling amongst the other contestants was that of bitter disappointment, however in reality they still made $130,000 profit. Little did we know that this was a sign of things to come.



I guess it should be no surprise that the auction that had us on the edge of our seats was Ronnie and Georgia's. The auction was slow and sadly, never really took off. When their agent had their mid-auction brief to discuss further action he was in disbelief that Scotty suggested they pass the property in rather than go back and risk the possibility of just meeting reserve. Ronnie and Georgia agreed with Scott's plan of attack and the agent was forced to act on his vendor's advice. When he declared the property passed in with no further bidding the look on the crowd's face said it all. Nicole Jacob's stopped in her tracks and then proceeded to check the legalities of his actions. Frank Valentic was the last bidder so he had the first opportunity to negotiate with Ronnie and Georgia. He put in his final offer of $2.725 million however Ronnie and Georgia wanted to speak to Nicole. She came up with her first and only offer of $2.781 which they accepted, netting them a profit of $161,000. Not quite what they were hoping for I'm sure, however they appeared content.



With emotions still playing havoc, the final auction began. Hannah and Clint would have gone into that room with no idea of what to expect. As my favourite couple I was quite disappointed for them. Their property sold in last position for $2.615 million, giving them a $95,000 profit.

The wonderful thing about The Block is that for those contestants wanting it, they provide opportunities within the media to earn additional money. I have no doubt that those contestants who came away disappointed will soon see the experience as a long-term objective rather than a 12 week one. 


Congratulations to each and every contestant and bring on The Block 2018!!!





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