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31 Jul 2017


I have already put in a blanket apology to my family, our evenings are officially over! They are fully aware of my ongoing obsession with The Block and I've been counting the days until Season 13 started.


Living nearby, I was already aware of the block of land in Elsternwick that was chosen as the site for the next season. I couldn't wait to see the houses that were going to be deposited there. Tonight's show exposed the true delights they are and the enormous task ahead for the contestants.


As the opening of the show, each contestant was given one guest bedroom to complete in 48 hours. Here's how they went...


Ronnie and Georgia, the winners of the challenge with a score 27 out of 30, are from Perth. They are a very confident couple and have renovated a million houses before so clearly knew what to do. Their bedroom was gorgeous although I would have loved to have seen a splash of colour. Their pendant was not centered which was a bit odd, however the rest was fabulous. Their prize for winning was to choose which house they would like. House 3 was their preference which also contained the all-important old, green safe. Rushing to get a glimpse of its contents they couldn't help but be ecstatic with its contents. There was cash, extra vouchers from suppliers and the cherry on top was the ability to have the cost of their guest bedroom reimbursed by another contestant. This is where the fun begins! Ronnie and Georgia decided to take it off Elyse and Josh (now of house 5) who were more than put out. Words were exchanged, tears followed and I'm sure this is not something House 5 will forget anytime soon. If the producers were looking for drama I think they are about to have it!



Josh and Elyse, the youngest couple, produced a stunning room. With a score of 22 out of 30 Josh showed he has excellent carpentary skills and as the only couple to reveal floorboards (although Ronnie did try!), it didn't go unnoticed. I was a bit surprised at the 'feature wall' and was surprised the judges didn't comment that they were no longer 'on trend'. Having said that, the boost of colour showed personality (which clearly Elyse has in bucket loads!!) and the willingness to experiment and take risks, so it makes me excited to see what's to come.  As runners up they chose House 5 with a great northerly aspect.




The oldest couple, Jason and Sarah created a nice room. Their art by Prudence Caroline was certainly the star with the remainder of the room in shades of blue. As a first room it was good, scoring 21.5 and I'm sure their styling will become more cohesive as the show goes on. I was devastated they ripped out the period features and was pleased the judges pulled them up on this. They came third, choosing House 1 as their reno home.



Sticks and Wombat are the most fabulous team. Thank god Sticks is a chippie as Wombat has no experience and lives in a shipping container. If nothing else this will make for good TV. Sticks seems a bit more serious and Wombat is just a lot of fun and up for anything. The room they completed was really surprising for two guys - which the judges picked straight away. I wasn't a fan of the big timber bedhead or the chair, however you couldn't help but appreciate that "that's their thing" and at least they had a clear vision and gave it a go. Shaynna was a bit shocked by the book Wombat chose, however as his first attempt at styling I think he did an awesome job. They came fourth with a score of 19.5 and chose House 4.



Clint and Hannah - I'm going to love these two! Hannah is a flight attendant and just gorgeous. Clint is an ex-NRL player and oozing happiness. Unfortunately they came last, having NEVER renovated before. I was a little surprised as I thought their room was beautiful. Shaynna commented that the room had no soul (brought me back to last season with Julia and Sasha), which I thought was very harsh. The colours were on trend, soft and so pretty and they had multiple textures to add to the appeal. I can only think that to 'add soul' it needs a 'lived in' look. Ruffle some things up a bit or include a throw that isn't perfectly placed. The fact they included period features, to me, should have certainly put them before Jason and Sarah. Overall though I thought this room should have come second or third. Coming in last meant they were the new tenants of House #2.


This is set to be a jam-packed series with the biggest build ever! There's sure to be many tantrums and tears and I can't wait for every single one of them!


All Photo Credit to The Blockshop

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