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THE BLOCK - Week 2 Guest Bedroom

14 Aug 2017

Is it just me or has the bar been raised this year on The Block. The rooms that were produced this week we simply stunning, not to mention 3 of the 5 couples threw in an ensuite, coz they could! The textures, colours and bravery were to the next level. An unbelievably close week with 1.5 points between the winner and fifth place.


Ronnie and Georgia - 28/30


This is clearly the couple to watch. They are very confident and know what they're doing, but I guess when you're this good, maybe you can be? Let's hope it doesn't come back to bite them. Ronnie and Georgia finished their room early so headed off on date night, wow that must have killed the other couples. There's a part of me that just wanted them to knock on Clint and Hannah's door and see if they needed a hand, but that wasn't going to happen, after all it's a competition.  Their room was in pink and grays (on trend but taking me back to the 80's - in a good way!). For me a little predictable (harsh, I know!) but beautiful. They didn't put in an ensuite so I found it interesting they won, as I'm sure the other contestants did too!



Josh and Elyse - 27.5/30


I think Josh and Elyse will be the ones to watch. Josh is pedantic with his build which is awesome to see. He takes such pride in his work and you can tell he is passionate about his design. The small details are what, for me, should have taken them over the line; the paneling on the walls, throwing a bit of colour in the room with the aqua bedhead, the walk in robe, the face level storage in the ensuite. All things Ronnie and Georgia didn't have. 




Hannah and Clint - 27/30


You would never know these 2 have never renovated. Clint is on the tools every time we see him and so willing to learn. Hannah clearly has her own style and is pulling it together beautifully. Sadly, this week Clint's grandfather died so they weren't there the whole time, however you wouldn't have known by the amazing room they presented. It was so cohesive and peaceful. I loved that they'd put in a full wall of robes with a study nook. Great thinking for any guest, and no home can ever have enough storage.


Jason and Sarah - 27/30


I was absolutely stunned how adventurous Sarah was this week. The wall paper she chose was amazing. I love a big, bold print (left over from my days spent with Julia Green on styling shoots!) and this one did not let us down. I wouldn't normally go for such a dark bedroom, but she pulled it off! The dual access bathroom was a stroke of genius. This is where building a family home when you already have kids comes in to play. They have an insight into what will and won't work.


Sticks and Wombat - 26.5/30


The boys' score this week really disappointed me. Obviously 26.5 out of 30 is fabulous, but to come last blew my mind. They had a walk in robe, a fireplace, a MASSIVE ensuite and a good size bedroom. How does that not beat Georgia and Ronnie's bedroom? Their styling may not have been up to the same level, but for me the judges didn't take into account the build, just the styling which doesn't seem fair. Fingers crossed for next week. 



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