BEHIND THE SCENES with Julia Green and Lumiere Art & Co

I have been so fortunate to have spent a couple of years assisting a number of wonderful interior stylists, with the majority of my time being with Julia from Greenhouse Interiors. Julia is so generous with her knowledge and tips and although the days were exhausting, they were exhilarating.

Over the next few months I'll share some of the moments, from magazine shoots to assisting on the television set of The Home Team where Julia was a host. Every day was different to the next, with new styling tips and tricks to learn from Julia herself.

On this particular day the gorgeous Emma from Lumiere Art & Co had her stunning wares photographed in the most amazing Fitzroy home of Lynda Gardener. This location was like a museum. Every nook and cranny had a special piece of vintage memoriablilia for you to find and admire. Armelle Habib was the photographer that day, with assist from Steph and to watch Julia and Armelle in action is such a treat. They work harmoniously and the respect they have for each other brings each set to life.

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