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THE BLOCK - Sarah and Jason Finally Break

11 Sep 2017


I have to say I have mixed feelings about the 'Week That Was' on The Block.  Although they are not the renovating rookies, I feel the couple that has struggled the most are Sarah and Jason. They can't seem to win a room, leaving them falling behind with their budget. As the vicious 'Block Cycle' goes, if you don't win challenges and room reveals, you can't put the money into future rooms, therefore making wins unlikely. Simple things seem to be bringing them down, like wallpaper unavailability and Jason's lack of motivation, so it was not entirely unexpected when they finally broke and refused to finish (or really even start) the main bedroom suite.




They had had warnings from Scotty and Sarah (his financial expert) that their money just wouldn't last and yet they didn't seem to be reigning it in as much as you would expect. Without the budget to back it, the couple felt they weren't going to produce a winning room so basically, why bother trying.  This attitude obviously infuriated viewers, Scotty, Shelley and the judges, who showed their disgust by giving a score of three zeros; a score never before seen on The Block.



I however, saw another side to this week. As a mother I could relate to Sarah's emotional state. She was obviously absolutely exhausted, missing her children terribly and the fact that they just got on a plane with their grandparents to go to a country that had just had a terror attack would be absolutely devastating. It's one thing living away from your children for 12 weeks but at least they were in the same state. You knew that if you really needed to you could see them. But them being on the other side of the world, in uncertain times would be heartbreaking.


With the threat of elimination by Scotty hanging over their heads I hope Sarah and Jason can pull through this. It would be wonderful if the other teams could get together and give them hand, even if it's just so the producers don't bring in an 'All Star' team to replace Sarah and Jason as was Ronnie's concern!

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