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THE BLOCK - Week 3 Kid's Bedroom

21 Aug 2017



So.... this week I would have been writing about Ronnie and Georgia bringing home the win with their absolutely beautiful little girl's bedroom...BUT... I've noticed how many blogs there are out there giving you a blow-my-blow run down of the week that was. Rather than re-hash what you probably already know, I've decided that future posts will just be a reflection of The Block. The things I love, the things I hate, the relationships and the people.


This season the personalities are like no other. The effort that has gone into choosing the perfect couples is obvious and has paid off. Love them or hate them, Ronnie and Georgia have brought a fabulous element to the show. Yes, there are parts of Georgia that, according to my family, I may share similarities with. She certainly can fire, she says it how it is and she wants to win!



We will obviously never know what goes down behind the scenes and I think adding the safe with all those goodies in House 3 was always going to create controversy. Josh's reaction to paying back what they spent in the challenge to Ronnie and Georgia was just part of the game, and one that was created to spark emotions. It's surprising Josh didn't see that for what it was and took it so personally... but aren't we glad he did!


Each week brings a new 'favourite' couple for me, but one thing I know for certain, there are sure to be many more battles with the neighbours, boundaries will be pushed, friends won and lost (and hopefully won again) and magnificent rooms created. Let the games begin!

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