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THE BLOCK - Week 1 Main Bathroom

7 Aug 2017

I can't believe they've thrown the contestants in the deep end. Startng Week 1 with a main bathroom was a doozy! It required every inch of their skill and determination to pull these bathrooms together. 


Josh and Elyse - 27/30 


What a fabulous bathroom! The highlight was, as anticipated, the bath.  The contrast of the stark white against the gray backdrop was stunning. I love a bath and my practical side made me wonder how you could sit in it comfortably (no sliding down and arms on either side of the bath), but it certainly was beautiful.  The size of the room was amazing and the timber vanity (although a bit small for my liking) softened it beautifully. All up, a great space and worthy of the win.



Sticks and Wombat - 26.5/30


I was so thrilled the boys took out second place. I absolutely LOVED the wall feature of the tree, I thought it was amazing. I must admit, the rest of the bathroom didn't quite gel for me. I loved that they took the risk and included the bespoke towel rails, I just didn't think they matched the rest of the bathroom. You be the judge.



Ronnie and Georgia - 25.5/30


I have to admit, this was my favourite bathroom. I love a mono space and everything was so beautifully bought together (other than Ronnie's feature speaker!). The only thing I would prefer would be a more contemporary bath, but those tiles were stunning and so was the black shower frame. 



Sarah and Jason 24/30


If I had this bathroom in my home I'd be one happy girl. It was light and bright and I loved the contemporary elements and black vanity. The judges were a bit distracted by the extra styling elements, however clearly the bones of the room were good!



Hannah and Clint - 16/30


This one broke my heart! Experience, or lack there of, was poor Hannah and Clint's downfall this week. Dodgy trades let them down which meant they didn't finish this week. I loved their design and can't wait to see what they pull together in future weeks.





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