BEHIND THE SCENES with Julia Green, Dea Jolly & Rachel Castle & Things

This would have to have been one of the most fun days assisting Julia Green that I have ever had. Although the pressure was on as the courier hadn't arrived with the bed for the styling shoot that was all about bedding, there were quite a few of us on set that day so there was definitely a calm before the storm.

The shoot was for Rachel Castle and Things and held at the home of Sage and Clare in Brunswick so it was an early start. I got there a bit early and helped unload all the stock from Julia and Noel's cars. It's always important on a shoot to take a few shots of the area we'll be shooting in before we start rearranging (so we know where to put it all back!) but as this was a showroom and not a home, there were minimal photos to be taken.

Today we had the pleasure of also having Dea Jolly on set assisting. God was that fun. Quite bizarrely I had met Dea only a month earlier at a lunch I had won so when I saw her there it was like catching up with a friend. I have to tell you, she is hysterical. She certainly put a cheeky mix into the group.

When the bed finally arrived the pressure was on. There were three of us putting the bed together and you would think it was the world's most complicated puzzle. Seriously, how many blondes does it take to make a bed!! It was hysterical but we finally did it. We really should have just read all the instructions from the get-go!

The shoot flew by and once we start we rarely stop. The creative juices are flowing and it's usually just the rumble of the tummies that forces a break.

It was a shoot like no other I've been on; beautiful products, great food and we were all a little whacky that day, but I think that only made for a better shoot. You be the judge.

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