Prior to my home renovation I had very little interest in houses or renovating. Since then my passion (or obsession!) has steam-rolled to the point that I love every aspect of the process.

Had I had the vision then that I have now, my house would look very different! In a way I'm a bit relieved as I didn't allow myself to get caught up in the detail. In every project I do I can easily get swept away and overwhelmed by every intricacy, however when we renovated this house there was the potential that we would sell it shortly after, so I didn't let the decisions become my obsessions. I kept reminding myself that I had to stick to the budget and we were doing this to sell. Somehow the decisions are a lot more simple when you have this in mind!

Four years on and we're still here! There are some decisions I would have made differently had I known. One is tiles! There are so many variations and I went the safe choice of large white rectangle tiles on the bathroom walls with charcoal square tiles on the floor - tiles that would appeal to the wider market. I don't regret my decision as I still definitely want to sell (and start a new renovation project) and I know my choices were contemporary and on trend and will appeal to our potential buyers. I look now though at all the tile choices available and know the next renovation won't be as easy!

Pinterest and Instagram are such wonderful platforms to get my daily tile dose. Metallics, Moroccan, Mosaiques and of course the old Subway staple. Previously I saw the Subway tile as the tile used for the budget renovator or for those lacking imagination. How wrong was I! For those of you who watch The Block you will have seen it used in so many ways and styles. Laid in a herringbone pattern looks stunning and even one of the judges said it's one of his favourite tiles. It's great coupled with a more dramatic tile to give a wonderful feature for any bathroom or kitchen.

One tile business I love is Perini Tiles in Richmond. Take a look at their fabulous range at www.perini.com.au or their Instagram feed . It's just beautiful and gives you the courage to be adventurous. I've selected a few of my faves below.

So when you're next choosing your bathroom focal point, don't forget that it doesn't have to be the bath, the vanity or even an amazing showerhead! Tiles can be the star of the room!

Fi x

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