6 Mar 2019


I still remember when I designed my little girl's bedroom all those years ago. The brief was castles and princesses. An easy theme and not unexpected. We painted one wall green and I stuck a set of a princess, horses and castle decals on it.  There was colour co-ordinated bunting on the wall and a gorgeous white timber bed with matching bookcase and drawers and a beautiful quilt cover completing the princess theme.

It was perfect for those few years .... and then she grew. Posters of 1 Direction started appearing and the items that I so carefully selected were disappearing one by one. It's time for a change.


I've been searching for ideas for a while showing her the colour and pattern themes I've been coming up with and together we've finally come to a compromise. There'll be aqua, yellow, black and white. Perhaps a touch of gold. With all the research I've been doing online for accents, I keep coming back to the same store - KMart!

I am totally amazed at their new range of home ware products. When I first saw the gumball pouffe (knitted ottoman) on TV a while ago selling for $29 I was actually outraged. Having an online home wares store of my own I sold a similar style, only mine was a lot more expensive. I couldn't even buy them from my wholesaler near the price KMart was selling them for. I felt totally ripped off. Once I calmed down I realised 'that's life' and decided to move on. Now that I'm looking for products for my daughter I can't believe how many items they have that I've been admiring in other stores - KMart's versions of course. For the price they are and knowing how often my daughter is likely to change her room, they are perfect. I've chosen a few to show you the beginnings of what her room will be.





I was amazed to find that for under $200 I have most of the items for her room. We will be painting all the walls white and attaching some gold confetti dots on one of the walls (I found these at Papier D'Amour ), 20 dots for $15. They complete any wall.

Photo from Papier D'Amour.




So when it's time to re-fresh a room, keep KMart in mind. Mixed with the right items you can obtain a great looking room on a reasonable budget.


Fi x

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