A couple of years ago I invited a few real estate agents to come through my property to value it. One of the agents was high profile in our area and was quite in touch with the ever growing population of Chinese investors. When she came through she commented on different aspects of our home that would appeal to a potential Asian buyer such as the positioning of water features and fountains, a lot of red decor and of course that our house number is number 8. I found this quite fascinating and took note as Chinese buyers were certainly pushing the prices up on surrounding properties.

After she left I decided to look up the rules of Feng Shui. I wasn’t planning to make any drastic changes but was certainly prepared to take a look and make a tweak here or there. Here are some of the points I came up with –

1 Good Chi (energy) to the Front Door

Ensure there are no elements blocking the energy to the front door. Remove shoes and clutter from the entrance (which presumably you would do anyway if you were selling!) and any large obstructions or trees blocking the pathway to the door are considered negative.

2 Front Door to Back Door Alignment

It is negative Feng Shui for the front door and the back door to be in alignment. The energy will flow straight in the front door and out the back door. As the structure of the house is difficult to change it is possible to block the flow by placing an obstruction in the way such as a folding screen.

3 Flowing Water

The agent was very excited at the amount of flowing water we had on our property (I’m a bit obsessed with water. It’s very soothing!). When first entering the property we have a small water feature in the yard, then in the courtyard, which is overlooked by the kitchen, I have a facade of a garden shed with a watering can water feature on the front of it. Lastly we have our pool. The water feature, which is quite large, can be seen from the living area, most bedrooms and our bedroom. This apparently is very positive.

4 Fish Bowl

A fish bowl is excellent Chi, however not in the kitchen. Place the fish bowl in a living space with multiple gold fish and one black fish. Ironically that is always what we chose (until they died ). Ensure that the fish bowl incorporates pebbles and wood as these are the correct elements required for good fish bowl Feng Shui.

5 The Bedroom

Plants and flowers are great around the house but ensure they are not in the bedroom. They release carbon dioxide which is negative Feng Shui when sleeping. Great colours for the bedroom are greens and blues. Very calming.

6 Good Quality Air and Light

Positive Chi requires a lot of fresh air and bright light. Open the windows often or use an air purifier if available. Allow a lot of light in your home, use extra lighting if necessary or potentially install skylights.

Feng Shui is a very complex principle and I’ve only touched on a few of aspects that might be represented in your home. If it’s something you would like to investigate further there are some great sites you can visit, whether it be Feng Shui colours you are interested in, Feng Shui by room or general Feng Shui Tips.

Fi x

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