3 Ladies You Must Meet!!

I certainly do not claim to be an authority on art, but like most people to put it simply, I know what I like and I know what I don't like. With Australia Day not far away I thought I'd showcase some of our wonderful Australian local talent.

Having worked with this artist recently when her work was on The Block in Chris and Jenna's apartment, I can tell you Sabi Klein is a joy to work with. Very vivacious and bubbly, her personality certainly comes through in her work. To take a look at more of her work visit her website www.sabikleinart.com.au

Another artist who has caught my eye is Kerry Armstrong. Her art is usually bright, playful and energetic although she does also have a wonderful mono series for those who prefer a bit of black and white. To take a glimpse at her work visit www.kerryarmstrongart.com.au

My last artist is Jessie Breakwell. I've only recently found her artwork but wow does it pop! I love flamingos, zebras and elephants so her work really appeals to me. It's the most fabulously fun work, clearly a quirky lady who loves life - http://jessiebreakwell.com.au/

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