Week 3 started well with Jasmin's first choice of black, four-posted bed being available and becoming one of the key features to their room this week. After Shelley and Scotty did their mid-week visit, Luke and Jasmin's confidence quickly diminished. Shelley felt their choice of white-on-white in the walk in robe, and no doors, could pose a problem with the judges and didn't represent the Brighton market. Jasmine immediately felt deflated and started questioning her decisions.

The finish of their room was stunning and it all came together beautifully. Shaynna walked into the room and exclaimed 'Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness...' and immediately sat at the bay window. They loved the detail in the ceiling strapping and the finish of the wall panelling.

Neale commented 'they found their style, this is so beautiful' and compared it to Raffles Singapore at the turn of the century.

Darren felt the combination of contemporary, federation and coastal were perfect.

With a score of 25, making them equal second, we can't wait to see what future weeks bring, as this couple are clearly on the path for a win.

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