Selling Your Home During Lockdown


We will discuss 

- how to choose an agent and have your home appraised

- how to style your home with confidence

- your open for inspection checklist for virtual and in-person inspections

If you still need that extra boost of confidence we also offer a Prepare Your Home For Sale Styling Consult which is held virtually. This is a 1 hour consultation done via Zoom. We start with you sending some photos of your home prior to our call and then we will arrange to get together for a Zoom meeting where we will go through your home, room-by-room and discuss what changes are recommended to present your home in the best possible way. We will discuss what items to move, what to add and what to take away. This will also have your home ready for when we are again able to hold public open for inspections. By the end of our call you should have clarity in your journey to sell your home. The cost for the consult is $127 for 1 hour. A replay of the consult will be sent to you.



We are only too aware of how stressful putting your house on the market can be, not to mention during the confusion of restrictions and Lockdown. The uncertainty of whether you should, which agent to go with, how will people even view your home? Then there's the styling - what to replace and where to start. With no-one allowed through your home how will there be open for inspections? For this reason we've created our FREE guide, Selling Your Home During Lockdown where we will answer all of those unanswered questions and put your mind at ease.